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Why is Sardinia so special?

"This land does not resemble any other place. Sardinia is another thing: enchanting space around and distance to travel, nothing finished, nothing definitive. It's like freedom itself."

David Herbert Lawrence

Do you need to run out from your daily routine? Are you searching for freedom? Then you are in the right place. White beaches and crystal blue sea, wild nature, a miraculous mix of colours, smells, atmospheres.

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"Life in Sardinia is the best that a man can desire: twenty-four thousands kilometers of woods, lands and coasts surrounded by a miraculous sea: should coincide with the place I would recommend God to give us as a Paradise”"

Fabrizio De André



Ancient traditions and history

"Sardinia is out of time and history"

David Herbert Lawrence

You will discover an ancient culture with its unique traditions.

Genuine food, unique taste
You will taste simple and authentic flavours combined with full-bodied and tasty local wines.

Sport and wellness
You will have endless possibilities of practicing outdoor sports and water sports.

You will choose from a wide variety of restaurants and clubs, festivals and concerts, for an unforgettable vacation.


Sardinia is an earthly paradise for people who love delicious wine: for example, the famous white wine Vermentino di Gallura is one of the four Italian wines which have gained the DOC seal.

Thanks to its perfume that reminds the almond tree and fruity aromas the Vermentino di Gallura is perfect with seafood. In Sardinia there are three historical producers of Vermentino di Gallura and a lot of smaller producers. Other typical wine of the Gallura are the Moscato, that is perfect with desserts, and the Luras Red Nebbiolo that is gaining more and more success during last years.

This wine is produced especially in Ogliastra region and in Baronie region. The town of Oliena, in Barbagia region, is famous for the production of the Nepente di Oliena. Gabriele D’Annunzio wrote some poems for this special wine that is produced in a land that has the same characteristics of those where champagne is produced. Near Sorgono you can find the red wine Mandrolisai. At the same latitude but in a different environments, there is the famous Vernaccia di Oristano: white wine,yellow-gold colour, perfect with desserts.

The Nuragus is produced in Cagliari and it is a dry white wine well known all over Europe. Sardinia is famous also because produces delicious and aromatized grappa, the Mirto, that is well know and is exported all over the world.


Sardinia is an ancient Island with a long story full of tradition and culture and is a perfect mix between the sea and the countryside. In Sardinian cuisine you can find all the colours, tastes and perfumes of this land. All the cities by the sea such as Olbia, Algero, Orosei Bosa and Oristano show two opposite but equally appetizing side: earth-food cuisine and sea-food cuisine. From the Olbia gulf to the Reef River, especially in summer, you can find delicious shellfish dishes.

In the Gallura region you can taste the typical Gallurese Soup made with bread, sheep broth, cheese, parsley and mint. In the city of Nuoro, in the historical region of Barbagia, you can taste the typical roasted pork or the wild boar. Another typical dish of Barbagia is the Pane Frattau made with Sardinian bread, tomato sauce, cheese and eggs. In some seasons you can eat delicious dishes made with local mushrooms.

The typical Sardinia pasta such as Malloreddus, Macarrones De Busa or Ravioli is handmade and is perfect with boar sauce, mushroom sauce or tomato sauce. In the Campidano region you can eat the typical mullet or tuna bottarga or the delicious dish Sa Melca. The typical Sardinian dessert is the famous Seadas and is made with puff-paste, sheep's cheese, lemon and Sardinian bitter honey.



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